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Ottawa Birth Doula, Certified Labour Doula in Ottawa Ontario

 As your doula I will support you through your pregnancy & birth. Always providing unbiased information & non-judgmental support.

 Mother holding her newborn baby immediately after birth.  

Support for pregnancy & birth. 

A doula offers judgment free support of your choices during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.
During your pregnancy, I will be available to you to answer any questions or discuss any concerns by text, email or phone.
As your doula, I will work with you to build your birth plan and ensure that you and your partner feel confident and informed about the choices you are making for your baby’s arrival.

When you are in labour, I will meet you at home or the birth place when you feel the need for extra support. I am trained to assess your needs based on our prenatal discussions, and I can adjust my role at your birth as needed. I will remain by your side for the duration of your labour, helping you to have the information and support to have a happy and healthy birth experience.

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All birth packages include:

 Doula supporting man mother and father in hospital birth on a birth ball while using a sling. 

* Constant support! From the moment you hire me as your doula, you have access to me any time you need it. If you have a question, need support or are looking for resources you can reach out by phone, email or text and I am there for you!
* A birth planning session to go over the options, what your desires are and practice positions and techniques for early labour, when to go to your place of birth and answer any questions you have.
* Continuous hands-on support for the duration of your labour and the first hour after birth. 
* A reliable back-up doula, so you know you will not be left without support even if life throws us a curve ball.
* Support after baby is born.
* Access to our online client postal with handouts, information, links and special discounts to other businesses. 

Gold- $1095

This package includes everything you need so you and your family feel pampered and supported with top-notch care every step of the way. 

Package includes:
*2 Prenatal meetings
*Unlimited email, text & phone support
*Continuous support at your birth
*weekly in-home postpartum follow-ups for the first 6 weeks.
*Phone, email and text support for 4 weeks postpartum

Silver- $695

Are you just looking for the support during your pregnancy and birth but feel you have the postpartum period covered? We planned this one just for you!

Package includes:
*2 Prenatal meetings
*Unlimited email, text & phone support
*Continuous support at your birth
*1 in-home postpartum follow up to answer any questions and check in on you and baby
*Phone, email and text support for 2 weeks postpartum

Bronze- $595

Have you done this already and really just want support for your birth? This basic package is for you.

Package includes:
*1 Prenatal meeting
*Unlimited email, text & phone support
*Continuous support at your birth
*Phone, email and text support for 2 weeks postpartum