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5 Tips For Surviving The Holidays With A New Baby.

So you just had your baby!
This is going to be an amazing holiday season with everyone wanting to meet your new bundle of joy. Suddenly, the dinner invitations are piled up and you seem to have more days with plans then without! 
How do you get through this season with our sanity intact? Below, we’ve listed a few tips and tricks to help you and your new family, deal with some of the stresses that are attached to the holiday season.

1. Saying No.
It's ok to say no. Really, it is! You’re exhausted, not sleeping a lot and still trying to adjust to a new and exciting life with baby. Those invitations are starting to pile up and this year the energy level is just not there. Simply respond by thanking them for their generous invite but that you’re going to sit this year’s party out.

2. Feeding.
Use feeding your baby as a reason to take a break in a quiet room. It doesn't matter if you’re bottle or breastfeeding, babies love a nice quiet area to feed in. Having a bit of one on one time can also relax baby and yourself if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

3. Babywearing.
Not only does wearing your baby make it so you have your hands free but it also makes it easier to decline if you are concerned about all the germs going around. Sometimes, the only way to make it through a holiday meal is with baby snuggled up to you at the dinner table.

4. Accept the help.
When someone offers to give you a hand, take them up on it! As parents, we can always use a second hand. Whether it’s mom holding baby for a bit so you can make your famous mash potatoes everyone’s expecting or your little cousin reading a book to your little ones. EVERYTHING helps!

5. Relax!
Enjoy that glass of wine! Even if you are nursing, a glass of wine is considered ok by most health care professionals (check what Dr Newman says about it here). Sit down, enjoy and remember that this is baby’s first holiday season. Try your best to find the positives in this, even if its not exactly going as planned.

Bonus tip: When someone asks what you want for this upcoming holiday season,  postpartum doula support makes a wonderful gift! We can come help make sure you’re getting the rest you need to make this time of year that much more enjoyable! 

Do you have any tips that I forgot to mention? Share them on our Facebook page. 

Newborn baby with santa hat

Newborn baby with santa hat

Sherry Theriault