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5 Tips For Being Active During Summer While Pregnant!

Here in Ottawa, during the winter everyone is always saying they can't wait for summer to be able to be more active! Once summer hits though it can be really hard to stick to that, especially when it is SO HOT! 
Being pregnant during the summer can make that even harder, here are 5 tips including some advice from Carla Nigro, owner of Rasa Nutrition.
1- Stay hydrated. Be sure to always have lots of water with you. This is especially important when it is really warm out because dehydration can lead contractions and preterm labour. Carla Nigro says “We want to avoid complications of becoming dehydrated in these hot, humid months, but staying well hydrated in pregnancy is also helpful for managing muscle cramps, swelling, constipation and maintaining a balanced body temperature. Aim to drink 3 litres of room temperature water per day. For a little change, try adding fresh fruit such as strawberries or fresh herbs like coriander or mint for flavour and a little boost of minerals”.
2- Avoid being active during the hottest times of the day. Mid-day, when temperature is highest, avoid doing outdoor activities and instead do them earlier in the morning or in the evening once it has cooled down a bit. Mid-day is the perfect time to do some indoor activities though, so take advantage of that A/C. 
3- Swim. Activities such as swimming can help you beat the heat and help with common discomforts of pregnancy by taking the pressure off our aching joints and supporting your ligaments as you work out. Like any other type of aerobic exercise, it also helps your heart by improving circulation and booting oxygen levels. Check out the City of Ottawa website for more details on their great pre-natal auqafit classes. 
4- Choose low-impact workouts. Prenatal yoga or other prenatal workouts may be more your speed and comfort level. Carla says “In addition to helping keep the body strong and mobile, many prenatal yoga classes also help prepare for birth by introducing you to positions for labour, breathing techniques and visualizations. Yoga is easily adapted for all levels, so you can practice in a way that is appropriate for how you feel.”
5- Listen to your body. If you feel overheated or overly uncomfortable, STOP. Carla suggests “Tap into your intuition and listen to any reasons your body is giving you to slow down. I always advise to maintain a level where you feel strong and powerful - this can be a much more empowering place to be than pushing through exhaustion. When you tap into how that feels for you, you will know when you're approaching your limit.”

Sherry Theriault