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Questions about pelvic floor physiotherapy? I did too! Interview with Sarah Trottier

I have recommended clients look into pelvic floor physiotherapy many times but really, I mostly just knew that they could help with incontinence issues. I asked in the Pregnant in Ottawa Facebook group if anyone had questions they wanted answers to and these are some of the most common ones:

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The third care provider option many people don't know they have!

I have had three very different birth experiences; a cesarean after induction where I was followed by a delivering family doctor during my pregnancy and delivery up until a cesarean was necessary, a hospital VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) where again, my prenatal care was followed by a delivering family doctor and I had two wonderful doula’s present and a home birth after cesarean supported by midwives again, with a doula present.

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ABC's of Pregnancy, Birth & Early Parenting- Depression (Part 2)

Last week I asked local mothers to share their stories of postpartum depression. I shared some of their stories in Part 1 but because there was such an overwhelming response of mothers who wanted to share their stories, I knew it would be a multi-part blog. 
These women are brave & inspirational. Many of them said how much they hope that sharing their story will help new mothers not feel so alone. If you are suffering, please reach out! Talk to your care provider, friends or family. 

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