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Childbirth Education is not about what I think you should do!

"What are your plans for infant feeding?" It is a question I ask in all my prenatal education classes. 
People often look confused. "Breastfeeding, of course!" is a very common answer but sometimes a mom to be will look at me, and with embarrassment say "I want to formula feed". 
My heart breaks a little every time that happens. Not because she wants to formula feed, it's because she feels embarrassed to tell me!
I never, ever want any of my clients to be embarrassed to choose something, anything that they assume I won't agree with! 
I used the example of formula, but I see it with so many things. Medication, care provider, infant care, choice of birth location & many more.
With Ottawa Doula Services, you know that I will always support your choices. Not only will I support them, I will teach you about both sides. During the "Caring for your new baby" workshop we talk about breastfeeding & how to properly make a bottle of formula. In the "Preparing for labour" workshop we talk about both labouring without medication and the different choices you will have for medication. Not only will we talk about them but it will be a completely unbiased discussion because these are real choices you will need to make. 


If you are looking for private prenatal classes? We do those too! Contact us today to book your classes. More group classes will be announced in the new year. 

Sherry Theriault