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Dear New Mom, You Are Doing Ok-ish

Dear New Mom,  

Are you getting sick of feeling like you have to live up to some crazy expectations every time someone tells you how amazing you are doing?  You suddenly have these crazy standards to live up to even though you haven’t showered in 3 days and the dishes are piled so high you can’t see your counters and you feel like just feeding your baby takes up your entire day, hearing that you are doing everything perfectly can feel like a BIG. FAT. LIE. 


Well I’m here to tell you that you are doing ok...ish and that is perfectly fine! Don’t worry about the laundry, you’ll have plenty of time for it later. Taking care of your baby and the odd self care time for you are the priorities right now. Making a postpartum plan can help you fell a little more in control of everything. Sometimes taking small steps can make everything feel so much easier!

We have all had our days when things just aren't going how we wanted them to and we feel down about our situations but all your children will remember is how much you loved and cared for them.

But just remember, OK is absolutely perfect for right now.  

Sherry Theriault