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ABC's of Pregnancy, Birth and Early Parenting- Firsts

Waiting to go into class this morning.  

Waiting to go into class this morning.  

Today is my baby's first day of school!  

Jace, my last born is off to his first day of kindergarten. We loaded up his backpack (that's almost as big as him!), took his picture and off he went. To make new friends, learn and go on exciting adventures.  

Jace's first time nursing. 

Jace's first time nursing. 

All this excitement has me thinking about all the "firsts" . His first time nursing, his first night home, first words & first steps. The first time he got his hair cut and the first time he climbed over his baby gate and almost gave me a heart attack! 

Some firsts are planned and some take you by complete surprise (like climbing over a gate and walking up to me all calm, "Hi Mom").  

Soon he'll have his first best friend, first sleepover and first relationship. Then comes the first job, first house and first child. 

I love seeing his firsts but since he is my last baby, they are all a bit bittersweet.  

It's a first for me too today! My first day home with no children. I have been looking forward to this for so long! I am extremely emotional and full of all te feels today. 

Enjoy all the "firsts" , they only happen once.