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ABC's of Pregnancy, Birth and Early Parenting- Groups


Being a new mom can be lonely sometimes. All that time alone with your baby is great for bonding but can be awfully isolating. 

Meeting other moms and building your village can help in many ways. You build friendships with other moms who are going through the same things as you, it helps have people to talk to if things aren't feeling quite right and gives you something to do when that cabin fever starts settling in during the cold winter months. 

But where to look for other moms? How do you meet them? Where are they all hanging out?

Facebook is a great way to start! I have a local Facebook group called Pregnant in Ottawa that is for all moms who are expecting or have a baby under 2. There is also Parents of Ottawa that is for both moms and dads. 

If in person is more your thing, an exercise class like yoga or Salsa Babies can be wonderful. There are also FREE groups like the Postpartum and Parenting Support Meet-ups that we have at least twice a month! It's inclusive of all feeding methods & parenting choices. Our goal is to make it a safe place for parents to share their joys and struggles without judgement! We also have meet ups in the evening once a month. Babies in arms are always welcome. Make sure you like the Ottawa Doula Services Facebook page to see all the upcoming events! 

Where have you been finding your village? Let us know on Facebook!

Sherry Theriault