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Interview With Sandra From Belly Laughs!

Unfortunately Belly Laughs is no longer open

Belly Laughs has always been one of my favorite baby stores and even as my kids get older I find that there is still stuff for them there! More than anything I love the consignment clothing! There is enough selection that I can usually find a few items but it isn't overwhelmingly pack either. I also love dropping of the clothes we've outgrown, that way my new stuff is FREE!

Belly Laughs is one of the amazing sponsors of Saturday's Great Cloth Diaper Change so I took the chance to ask Sandra (the wonderful owner) a few questions so we could all get to Know this little shop a little better! 

Where did the idea Belly Laughs come from?
10 years ago, when we opened there was no mom/baby store in the west end of Ottawa.  I personally really like seeing things before I buy them and was having to shop online for items that should have been offered locally. 

Where did you come up with the name? 
My first born.  As a baby he would laugh so hard he would fall over.

Many other baby stores have come and gone since you've been there, what sets Belly Laughs apart from the others? 
I think it's the people that work at Belly Laughs that has made it successful.  We are a group on moms who really enjoy chatting and getting to know our customers.  It comes back to being able to see things in person and learn about the products from others that have used them.  You don't get that from online retailers or big box stores.

You have a wide variety of products in store, what are your personal favorites? 
They've changed over the years as my kids have grown!  I've survived parenting because of having a great carrier!  It doesn't matter which one you pick - as long as it fits you and you love it.  Wetbags!  Dirty diapers, swimming gear, laundry when we travel, lunch bag in a pinch... so many uses.  And honestly, I love the consignment clothing we sell.  I love that my kids have been dressed well and I have saved a ton of money! 

What are your top 3 tips for people looking to consign their unloved cloth diapers?  
1. Take the time to sun them.  Get rid of those stains that devalue a great diaper. 2. Price them right.  There is great value in gently used diapers.  Just make sure you are not pricing them based on your emotional attachment to them.  3.  Bulk them if you can.  Do small bundles, add in the extra inserts etc that add value to what you are offering. 4.  If they don't sell, make sure you donate them to a cause that will actually put them in the hands of those who will use them. 

Where can people stay in touch with you? 
The best place to stay in touch with us is stopping in to the store! (Kanata Centrum Plaza
A20-300 Earl Grey Drive)  Otherwise you can find us online at, on facebook, instagram and pinterest.  We also send out newsletters that you can sign up for online.