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Top 10 Favorite Baby Items.


When you are expecting, knowing what to buy and what to skip and be hard! There is so much baby stuff and it is all so darn cute! Below is a list of my 10 favorite baby items, all of which you can find at my 5 favorite local baby stores!


10. A good quality, cute diaper bag! You will be using this bag for everything for the next couple years, so make sure it is one you actually like. I am a big fan of the Skip Hop Dash Messenger Bag. It’s stylish and big enough to fit everything you need for the day but not too big to actually be carried around.

9. Creams and Soaps. There are so many different creams and lotions that it’s hard to know what to get, I like the Eco Chic Movement line of baby products, they are free of harmful chemicals and are gentle enough for a brand new baby. They also get bonus points for being local! They can be found at Belly Laughs, Baby Enroute & Terra 20 among many others. 

8. An activity mat. Tummy time is important for baby, an activity mat can make that time more enjoyable. The Skip Hop treetop Friends Activity Gym is a super cute one with lots of different things for baby to try.  

7. Sleep sacks. Since blankets aren’t recommended for babies, sleep sacks do the trick when baby needs an extra layer. Kyte Sleep Sacs are soft and cozy and with 2 different TOG ratings, you can be sure your baby is nice and cozy.

6.  Nursing pillow. A nursing pillow is good for so much more than just nursing! The Nneka nursing pillow can be used during pregnancy, infant feeding and to support baby as he learns to sit. I often hear from moms who have upgraded to a Nneka nursing pillow that they wish it was the one they had started with.

5. Video monitor. While an audio monitor works so you can hear your baby, sometimes being able to see her, can help you know if you need to go or if she is just stirring a little bit. The Motorola WiFi video monitor can be connected to your phone, so you can always see what baby is up to.

4. White noise machine. Many sleep experts recommend white noise for helping little ones sleep more soundly. The  Cloud B Nighty Night Smart Sensor Owl knows when your little one is waking and starts making the white noise again to help them get back to sleep.

3. Muslin swaddle blankets. I love the size of the Aden + Anais swaddle blankets because they are large and can be used for many things. I have used them to swaddle little babies, as a shade over the car seat or stroller, as a nursing cover, as a play mat and even  instead of a change pad in a pinch!

2. Sophie the Giraffe. I’m not sure what it is about her but babies just love her!

And my personal favorite baby item is….

1. A quality baby carrier! Lenny Lamb, Tula, Ergo & Beco are just a few of the great carrier options available. Heading into a store like Milkface or Belly Laughs can help you find one that is comfortable for you.  

Is there something you would add to this list? Join the conversation on facebook!

Sherry Theriault