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Love Notes

Love notes from past clients


What a few past clients have said….

“The best parts of my pregnancy and birth were thanks to Sherry from Ottawa Doula Services! Sherry was so amazing to work with! We met with her for the first time when I was 8 weeks pregnant for a consult and she immediately began helping me navigate the world of pregnancy.

She is extremely organized, well trained and creates such a wonderful support network for both mom and dad. My husband and I couldn't have brought our little one into this world without her!” -Mother of 1. S.B.

“Sherry was accommodating, friendly, competent, and was a calming addition to a stressful day. I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking for more support during the birthing process.” -Mother of 1. A.H.

“I had a great experience with Sherry as my doula for the pregnancy and birth of my baby girl. She was more than knowledgable, caring and helpful. I would highly recommend her if you're contemplating getting a doula!” -Mother of 1. T.W.

“Sherry was my rock when my terrible anxiety struck me. She saw me through it and helped me believe I was able to accomplish what needed to be done. I am very grateful for her support.” -Mother of 1, B.H.

"Sherry was with us during our most beautiful and intensive times when our baby was born and for the first weeks. Sherry helped us to plan and prepare for birth. With her help I felt more comfortable and had a great delivery experience. After the birth, she provided support with information and her experience to address challenges of the first weeks with baby at home."
-Mother of 1, L.B.

“Throughout my pregnancy and into the postpartum period, Sherry was always available to provide support and answers to my questions via email. She established a wonderful relationship in which I felt supported and respected. She always encouraged me to trust in my body and its natural abilities without questioning it. She encouraged me to transfer care providers to ensure I was being followed by a team whose approach better matched my needs. Sherry made her lending library and TENS machine available to us to prepare and handle the early stages of labour.
Given the speed at which my labour progressed, Sherry arrived at the hospital and provided a calming presence to a labour that was well-established. She provided support by ensuring I had food and water as needed, and she stood by my side after delivery when my husband had his turn having skin-to-skin with our baby.
All in all, a great experience.”
-Mother of 2, T.L.

I was skeptical when my partner said she wanted a doula since we had both done this before. 
Sherry provided me with the support I needed to be a better support person. She showed me tricks to help relieve her pain and took over when I needed a break. 
If we are blessed with more children, we will be calling her again. 
-Father of 2, D.W.