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Postpartum Support Special


8 hours of postpartum support special

Your 8 block of hours must be paid for and your contract signed before March 31th to qualify for this special rate. Please fill out the form below, then you will be sent an invoice and a contract to sign. 

Your 8 hours may be used as either 2 4-hour blocks or 1 8-hour block. 
Hours will be scheduled at a mutually agreed time between March 19th 2018 and December 31st 2018. Hours will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis. If you are wanting a specific day, please send an email to prior to filling out the form. 

The contract that will be sent reads as follows:

We, the mother and partner/husband, have discussed and reviewed our wishes for care to be provided by Ottawa Doula Services after the birth of our child, agree as follows:
1. The care provided by the doula after the birth of the child shall include, but is not limited to, infant care; sibling care; breast feeding support and postpartum support.
2. In the event that the doula works an overnight, the doula is allowed to sleep when the baby/babies is (are) asleep and all duties have been completed.
3. Postpartum services will be $200 for 8 hours of support to be paid on or before March 24th and must be paid in full before the commencement of the first day of work. Only 1 special per person.
4. The doula shall provide at least 4 hours of post care during the day. If the doula is staying for an overnight shift, there is a 8 hour minimum. The latest time a doula can start the night shift is 12 am, the earliest the shift can end is 6 am for an overnight. Day shifts can start as early as 6am and can finish at midnight. 
5. All contracted hours must be used before June 30th unless otherwise agreed upon before the purchase of the special. 
7. Any and all contagious illnesses and/or disease must be disclosed to the doula prior to a shift. It is up to the doula's discretion as to whether it is safe for her to work that particular shift and when to return. Illnesses include but are not limited to the common cold, flu, skin rashes, open sores etc. This is to ensure the safety of all other families who also work with the doula. 
8. Failure by the client to cancel the contracted and scheduled hours 24 hours prior to the scheduled services will result in being billed for the requested hours.
9. In the event that the doula needs to pay for parking, the client will be responsible for the fee.
10. If the client would like to cancel or postpone a shift, 24 hour notice must be given or the hours will be billed.
11. We, the undersigned have read this contract for postpartum services. We accept and agree to the terms and conditions



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